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“Elbrus” will surpass Intel by Russian coprocessor

Russian scientist have created a math coprocessor, which is several times greater than for Intel. The invention Ilya Asinina from Sarov won the competition at the Federal level, and its Creator received a grant under the Presidential program of research projects.

Osinin is a candidate of technical Sciences. On the competition of Russian science Foundation, he sent his “Modular-logarithmic mass coprocessor for arithmetic”.

“Development is a hardware unit for domestic processors, allowing to perform mathematical calculations on real numbers in a unique modular-logarithmic number system”, — explained the specialists of VNIIEF.

The jury noted Asinine in the nomination to support research initiatives. The winners will receive grants for projects, minimum threshold which is 1.5 million roubles a year for 2 years, and the award can be obtain in 10 days.

As told by the scientist himself, his invention works in conjunction with another processor. Your math coprocessor sarojani developed specifically for domestic processors “Elbrus-8S”, “Baikal M” and “KOMDIV-64”.

Logarithms of Sarov “re” paired with domestic processors considers 1000 times faster than Intel solutions, and complex polynomials — 3 times faster. And this despite the fact that the clock frequency of the processor in Western 26 times more (2.6 GHz) the Cost of production of domestic appliances 17% cheaper.

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