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“EK lagged behind life for 10 years”: Artemy Lebedev has criticized the new design of “Vkontakte”

Artemy Lebedev condemned the new design of “Vkontakte”. According to him, the social network lagged behind for 10 years. The review was posted on the website daily Lebedev in the section “Business-Lynch”.

According to the expert, the new design of the social network looks outdated and “Vkontakte” lagged behind life for 10 years. The designer also noted that the social network is not engaged in the exploration and experiments, but only earn money.

Former press Secretary “Vkontakte” Giorgi Lubushkin, collaborated with the company from 2011 to 2016, was quick to respond to criticism of Lebedev. He noted that the words of the designer does not contain “no specifics, nor constructive”. Also Lubushkin has published sketches of the design Studio art Lebedev made for “Vkontakte” in 2011. They are, in the opinion of Lapushkina, contain less “experimentation and exploration” than that version, which was criticized Lebedev. Lubushkin himself praised the new design of the social network and called him “godlike”.

“VKontakte”, officially presented the new design on 1 April. Undergone substantial transformation almost every section of the social network. The new version of “Vkontakte” in the left menu has fewer items and the most sought after sections are moved to the top of the screen. The news feed was divided into two blocks. Much has changed and the Messages section. Now in the left part of the screen displays a list of recent conversations, and the right — current correspondence.

From Friday the new design of “Vkontakte” became available to the first million users who wanted to participate in testing. The company said that in the coming months this feature will get the rest of the users. During the test period, they will be able to “revert to the old version of the site”. When the test period is not specified.

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