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Edward Snowden has called for the abolition of “the law Spring”

A former employee of the national security Agency USA Edward Snowden in her Twitter account has criticized the “law of Spring” signed by President Putin last summer. Ex-employee of U.S. intelligence called him, contrary not only to law but to common sense and called to cancel the law.

According to Snowden, because of the adopted decrees proposed by state Duma Deputy Irina Yarovaya and Senator Viktor Ozerov, is directed to tax the citizens for the financing of unnecessary spy functions is the connection of remote regions.

Snowden believes that this is a kind of theft and theft tax deductions Russians.

“I’m not Russian, so I can’t vote. But even a stranger sees that “the law of Big brother” Spring violates not only the law but also common sense,” he wrote. Snowden posted a link to the article of “Vedomosti” under the heading “Authorities compensate the operator part of the costs of the law Spring”.

According to Snowden, this law will hurt Russians and Russia. He offers instead to take the law in 2018, to change it or cancel.

In June last year, the former NSA employee spoke strongly against the adoption of the “law of Spring”, criticizing its provisions as ineffective. The day of the signing of the law by the President of Russia he called “a black day for Russia.”

Previously, Edward Snowden was a U.S. intelligence officer, but, realizing the unfair methods of the U.S. intelligence services, has appealed to journalists and informed them of violations of rights and freedoms. Thanks to him, the world learned not only about surveillance of citizens, but also about U.S. spying on the politicians of different countries, including France and Germany.

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