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Educational game “MarcoPolo Ocean” was the free app of the week in the App Store

Anyway, our children are using smartphones and tablets. Whether we like it or not. Of course, the mobile device will not replace a friend, a parent, or a good book. But sometimes a nanny may very well replace. Especially if the conscious parent downloaded on your iPad is a beautiful educational app. And today, the market appears more and more. “MarcoPolo ocean”, available in the App Store catalog, one of the ten best apps for learning and development of children.

The focus MarcoPolo ocean. Toddlers get acquainted with the depths, vocabulary, collect coral reef, ocean herring, a submarine, learn about marine mammals. And in the course of the game through self-directed discovery they formed early skills in science, engineering, and mathematics.

“Make dolphins jump. Build a coral reef. To explore the depths of the sea. Create your own aquarium. These are just some of the fun things you can do with the ocean Marcopolо, “digital sandbox” for kids, games that kindle children’s interest in the most unexplored part of our planet – the ocean.”

The game features six activities: the study of coral reefs, octopuses, marine mammals, fish, boat and dive under water. Game says and playfully animated to clips vocabulary, motor skills and concepts associated with the ocean.

The child is encouraged to know the underwater world, moving from the shoreline to the sea floor, driving a dive boat in ocean water, adding to the aquarium of marine animals and fish. Little gamers can discover where animals live in the ocean to see their natural behavior and how they interact with other animals.

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Within one week the app “MarcoPolo Ocean” will be free. The usual cost of the training program 199 rubles.

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