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EdgeGear Shift: strap for a comfortable fit, Apple Watch [videos]

EdgeGear has developed a special strap that comfortably holds the Apple Watch on the hand, allowing you to use the device without changing hand position. The device was developed by two engineers James Gilmour and Andrew Greene.

Shift, the so-called fixture, is on the hand closest to the thumb. Due to the fact that the gadget is not on the wrist, and near the big toe, for hours comfortable to use during fitness, Biking and other sports training.

Shift is compatible with the Apple Watch, the smart clock Pebble, LG G Watch, Moto 360, Samsung Gear S2 Classic some models of Garmin and the other chronometers in size from 14 to 24 mm. the Design of the device allows you to swap the body and Shift the body other hours. The device is not compatible with bracelet options.

The gadget is created of waterproof material, covered with rubber. According to the creators of the accessory strap protects the wearer from unnecessary sweating.

The device has successfully collected $ 45,000 on Kickstarter platform and now developers are preparing it for launch. Leave a pre-order on the website of the manufacturer. The novelty is presented in three sizes, will cost $ 35.

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