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Eddy cue: Apple is working to protect users from fake news

The head of Apple’s Internet services eddy cue said that the company plans to protect users from fake news. Speaking at the Recode conference, Media Conference, he said that a huge amount of false information online “is a big problem” and calls for serious measures.

Q called to inform the public about the threat posed by a fabricated online story and to develop a culture of opposition to fakes.

“Now most of the news coming via electronic devices and services, so I think that we, too, lies the responsibility for it,” said Kew.

According to eddy cue, the growing number of fake news “is ruining the minds of the people” and is a serious problem. Top Manager noted that at present the news, not corresponding to the truth, can have a serious impact on society.

“We want to see Apple News the app was available for everyone, but we also want to be sure of the authenticity of news sources,” added Q. – We are very concerned about the situation with news, clickbar headers and that causes background”. “We are trying to solve this problem in the Apple News and want to encourage you to deal with fake news technology companies and the governments of all countries,” – said the businessman.

Previously, Apple CEO Tim cook said that the growing number of untrue and misleading news is a global problem. “All technology companies need to develop some measures that will reduce the amount of false news,” cook said.

According to him, many people may simply not know the truth that “kills their brain in some ways.” Cook stressed that these measures should not threaten freedom of expression and the media.

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