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eBay more expensive for the Russians on 23 February because of a “tax on Google”

23 Feb 2017 eBay will include in bills for its services for the Russian sellers of “tax on Google”. Until a specified date, eBay will cover the tax for his account. This writes the RNS, citing the statement of the head of the Russian office of eBay Ilya Kretova.

“The tax on Google has touched us, and on February 23 eBay introduces VAT in their invoices for services exporters, i.e. VAT will be charged on the cost of services that have had eBay sellers,” said Kretov.

VAT on electronic services provided by foreign Internet companies have been introduced in Russia since the beginning of this year. In accordance with the statutory value added tax applies to games, music, books, videos and other content in electronic form.

In the case of non-payment of taxes by foreign Internet companies for a year lose the right to operate in Russia.

The representative of eBay said that the tax would not affect individual entrepreneurs registered on the site. VAT at 18% will apply to individuals selling on the site.

“We tried to arrange a two-month tax holiday sellers on eBay, actually two months covering VAT at their own expense,” said Kretov.

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