Dyson Introduces New V11 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Introduces New V11 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson introduced new wireless vacuum cleaners of the V11 series in Russia – Absolute Extra for 49 990 rubles, Absolute Extra + for 52 990 rubles and Absolute Extra Pro for 59 990 rubles. Horror names, but the top vacuum cleaners!

How are vacuum cleaners different?

The above models differ only in the set of nozzles:

Dyson Introduces New V11 Absolute Vacuum CleanerScope of delivery Absolute Extra Pro, Absolute Extra + and Absolute Extra

Otherwise, the vacuum cleaners are exactly the same, except that the most expensive version of access in gold and blue is your choice (the Absolute Extra version is presented exclusively in blue, and Absolute Extra + only in gold).

Each vacuum cleaner comes with two replaceable batteries, which are enough for two hours of continuous cleaning without reducing power.

How are new products different from the usual V11 Absolute?

The suction power and the number of batteries: the maximum power of the V11 Absolute is 185 watts, the maximum power of new products is 220 watts. Complete with V11 Absolute there is one battery which is enough for an hour of use in the Eco mode, while with the new vacuum cleaners there are two batteries each, the total time, respectively, doubles.

Dyson Introduces New V11 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V11 Absolute (without any prefixes) is available for purchase for 45 990 rubles.

If you cannot decide which vacuum cleaner to choose, use the comparison on the official Dyson website and carefully examine which nozzles are included. I’ve been thinking about buying for several weeks already – self-isolation does not spare anyone, I want order in the apartment, but with comfort. While I settled on the V11 Absolute model, and now I'm thinking about the latest.

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