Durov announced the termination of work on the blockchain platform TON & nbsp

The creator of the Telegram messenger Pavel Durov announced the termination of work on the creation of the TON blockchain platform.
“Today is a sad day for us at Telegram. We announce the termination of our blockchain project, ”Durov wrote in his Telegram channel.

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Durov said that work on the creation of the TON blockchain platform and the Gram cryptocurrency has been carried out over the past two and a half years, however, the termination of the work was influenced by the decision of the US court, which “ruled that Gram could not be distributed not only in the United States, but also all over the world".
“A court decision implies that other countries do not have the sovereignty to decide what is good and what is bad for their citizens. If the United States suddenly decided to ban coffee and demanded that Italian coffee houses close because Americans could enter it, we doubt that anyone would agree, ”Durov wrote.
According to Durov, people outside the United States have the right to vote for heads of state and elect parliament, but still "depend on the United States when it comes to finance and technology."
“The United States can use its control of the dollar and the global financial system to close any bank or bank account in the world. They can use Apple and Google controls to remove apps from the App Store and Google Play. So, yes, it is true that other countries do not have full sovereignty over what to allow on their territory. Unfortunately, we – 96% of the population that lives anywhere – are dependent on those who make decisions and who choose 4% of US residents, ”he added.

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