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Due to the transition to 7 nm, Samsung hopes to regain the orders for processors Apple

According to sources, Samsung plans to invest about $7 billion in expansion of production capacity. We are talking about the launch of new production lines for manufacturing products using 10-nm technology. This process technology the company uses in the manufacture of chips Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

In addition, the 10-nm technology will produce its own processors Samsung Exynos 9 Series, in particular, the components with index 8895. It is argued that, compared with the 14-nm method achieves speedups by 27% and reducing energy consumption by 40%.

Investments also will focus on building production lines for the production of microchips at the 7-nm technology. It is expected that the manufacture of this product, Samsung will do in 2018. Appropriate equipment in the new factory it is planned to establish till the end of the year. Due to the transition to the norms of 7 nm in Seoul expect to get orders from Apple.

Manual Samsung believes that it will be able to get back into the “Apple” giant, if you can move to more advanced process technology. System on a chip Apple A11, which will form the basis of iPhone 8, apparently, will be made solely at TSMC 10Nm process technology.

But the orders for processors Apple A12 again next year partially can get and Samsung, if you have time to learn the norms of 7 nm. It should be noted that TSMC has similar plans for the new process technology, so to say something concrete while early.

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