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Due to the faulty battery has any smoke in another Apple Store

10 January 2018 in the Spanish Apple Store, located in Valencia, during the repair of the exploded battery iPhone. This is the second overheating of the battery of the smartphone Apple with the beginning of the year, reports 9to5Mac.

A similar case occurred on the 9th of January 2018 in Zurich. Then the explosion of a faulty battery iPhone 6S have led to serious smoke. The security officers had to evacuate about 50 people. Seven of the injured were given medical assistance. One store employee suffered minor burns.

In Spain, the Apple Store staff to cope on their own. The exploding battery was quickly thrown into the sand, and the window now opened to ventilate the room. No one else was injured. The intervention of intelligence agencies is not required.

Apple representatives do not undertake to judge whether these cases are a manifestation of the pattern or it’s just coincidence. It is not known how much was worn out of an exploded battery. Possible, smartphone owners appealed to the Apple Store for another reason.

However, the users, the smartphone battery which is very worn or swelled, it is recommended to contact the nearest brand store or authorized service center for battery replacement at a reduced price. To attempt to extract the damaged battery is not worth it.

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