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Dropbox for iOS has learned to scan documents [video]

Developers Dropbox announced a big upgrade applications designed to increase user productivity. Mobile customer service had the opportunity to scan documents whether a note on a napkin or a diagram on the Board.

A new feature of Dropbox allows you to quickly obtain scans documento in high resolution. Scanned images can be shared with other users, and owners of business accounts will also be able to search these files.

The app has been added tighter integration with Microsoft Office: now Dropbox makes it easy to create Word files, PowerPoint, or Excel directly in the application. The documents will automatically sync with your account.

Also, the update simplifies the process of distributing computer files. You can provide fast shared access to folders and files using the desktop application, right click on the desired folder or file.

Another innovation, which told the developers Dropbox: preview an earlier version of the file before restoring, in case the user is unclear which version he needs. Version history allows you to track all changes that have occurred with the files for the last 30 days.

One file can share directly with a group of people and all of them assign access “” view only, previously it was only possible for business accounts.

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