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Drop Not! and bears can be square

Fun – perhaps the most “noble” genre, waiting and love the big hits, not a three-nonsense, fit for a queue in the clinic. But it turned out that the mobile market is flooded with it projects of this type; after all, masterpieces on this platform, not so much. Today we, sorry, not a new part of the GTA and arcade, that is, “while riding the escalator”. In this destiny Drop Not – and the application successfully executes it.

You love animals? Well, there are pandas, dogs, bears and other big guys different degrees of “opening”. And if these animals will still square? And if they roll a square wheel on the line, dangling in the air? We don’t know how the authors Drop Not thought at all to such a concept, but, in General, the idea is this – the square bear hastily rolling on a small level, and every second tries to fall down. Actually, the name is no coincidence – indeed, not drop.

The game always begins with a total same. You Tapao in any place, the beast is heading. All you can do in this difficult situation is to ask a direction. Roughly speaking, tapete left, shaggy is sliding to the left, Tapa right… well, of course. Periodically, you will be rolled using the save point – a gateway that will notify you that, say, second level. Here to change the skin of a bear, and it might result in a Panda. Here’s a situation.

Of course, Not Drop a bunch of different bonuses and other funny nuances. For example, you can grab the “freeze” – then the main character will fall very slowly, like you just got out of the store fast food. Or look carefully at the blocks – some are fraught with various dangers that will immediately reveal how you will cover them with your huge side.

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Drop Not in an obvious way if it’s love that means the English “cute” – all this panache, these funny and funny characters, even these levels – though full of dangers, but also great. For example, you will spend some portion of in the desert, then you will suffer in the night, and then will end up somewhere in the clouds – after all, variety. But the task Drop Not all the same, very simple game designed to entertain you for a few minutes while you have nothing to do; the more it is calculated. Because in the end you still zmacknete not there, the character will collapse into the abyss, the numbers in the report will not please, and so on.

Hence the main problem Drop Not – she is quickly bored as all taymkillery, however. Hardly you here will spend a total of at least three hours; likely enough forty minutes. To please the eye, to test the reaction, to lose, buy a new skin and back to work, thank you.

Apply Drop Not free, but then you understand – the higher the score, the more likely that will demand money. At your pleasure you can play all you want, but if you (well, all of a sudden!) set a goal to break the world record for the “roll”, prepare certain financial amount.

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