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Drivers in Russia will be fined for photographs taken by ordinary citizens on smartphones

In the near future the interior Ministry will submit to the Duma a bill on the punishment of violators of traffic rules on the basis of Amateur photos and videos. As the publication of Regnum, this was announced by first Deputy interior Minister Alexander Gorovoy at the hearings in the lower house of Parliament.

“Soon to be made law on mobile detections (violations) with the help of mobile devices by citizens of the Russian Federation”, — said the representative of the Ministry of interior.

To report any traffic violation, any resident of Russia. It will be enough to fix the offense, taking a photo or video to your mobile device. Gorovoy noted that the concept of law has already been formulated, and the structure of Gosavtoinspektsii formed group, which will “monitor public space” and find these pictures and videos.

The adoption of the law “will allow any citizen, registering the video or photo, send it to the portal of public services, with public services at the data center of the Ministry of interior to make regulations about the violation,” said the interior Ministry.

It is expected that appropriate changes will be made to the RF Code of administrative offences.

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