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Drawings of the new iPhone 7 confirm the design style of the iPhone 6s

French site NWE has published drawings of the 4.7-inch smartphone Apple next generation, which the publication calls iPhone 7. Leak allows you to learn a number of technical characteristics of future innovations.

Judging by the scheme, the appearance of the smartphone is not much different from the iPhone 6s: case inherited from its predecessor rounded edges and the location of major structural elements: the camera, flash and buttons. Survived and physical dimensions — in particular, the width of 67 mm and height 138,3 mm.

iPhone 7 will get a metal body with round edges, but without inserts for antennas. It is likely that Apple will adopt some other way of organizing hassle-free passage of radio signals. According to one version, we are talking about the plastic inserts on the ends of the shell. This will mean that the company has been unable to offer a solution for the complete rejection of them.

Technological hole in the lid iPhone 7 involves the installation of a larger camera and flash module as the iPhone 6s. Dual camera is said to be the prerogative of the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus. The source suggests that it was created based on the technology of Israeli startup LinX Imaging, which combines in one PV panel, several lenses of different aperture. According to the developers, thus to raise the picture quality to the level of SLR cameras. In addition, this camera can take 3D pictures.

The first drawings iPhone 7 appeared on the network on March 14. In the pictures it was also evident that from the body of the smartphone missing transverse plastic strip, behind which the gadget of the previous generation antenna was located. The contours follow the curves of the upper and lower faces of the device is preserved.

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It is worth noting that in 2014 the design of the new iPhone 6 was unveiled in April, while this year the information appeared on the Network a month earlier. The official presentation of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is expected in September of this year.

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