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Dr. Fone: how to recover deleted messages on iPhone

New year celebrations leave traces not only in the abdomen and on the display floor scales, but also on environmental technology: in the heat of Chad revelry can be a lot of mangled wood. And then lamenting as what to do, how to live and why. But not scary! If a long weekend passed have not without incident, and you have no idea how to get a million critical data from your swim in the hole of a smartphone (and it seemed like a good idea…), then pay attention to the program. Fone – it can restore data on iPhone. If your equipment is still with you, still pay – no one, alas, is not eternal, and to face the challenge of recovery can anyone say, poorly updated, and now the phone turns endless “Apple”. Or you accidentally fell back to factory settings. Or… many options.

The main task of Dr. Fone – return that seemed irretrievably lost. Photographs, correspondence, lists of calls, notes… well, everything! Of course, any data you have probably already “sarakatsani” – connected iCloud made a backup in iTunes, but this method may not always work, and not all can return, so Dr. The Fone will have to place.

The first thing you need to do is actually download the program, there is a version for both Windows and Mac. Then connect your device, Dr. Fone will detect the device. You then need to select what you want to bring back to life: messages, bookmarks in the browser or, say, a telephone book. Or all at once – it’s possible, Yes. Then click on the scan button – the program will find the files you need. When all there is (and it is), you will see the choice to restore data on computer or directly on the phone. You press “Recovery”, well all just have to wait until Dr. Fone raise the gallery of pictures from the same bar.

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In addition, you can restore data from backup file on iTunes or iCloud. In both cases, to make it easier – just connect the phone to the computer Dr. Fone detects the device, then you choose file recovery – in the second case, you have to remember the password from iCloud. Well, after the old scheme – see exactly what you need to bring back to life (not necessarily the entire huge array), click on the button and humbly await the end result. In the end everything just happens – even if you do not get the “standard” methods.

The program is in use very easy and convenient – if we are not talking about complex mechanisms of recovery and, say, the filter for another social network. Just a few buttons, the interface is minimalist, sort out anyone who even learned how to turn on the phone. “It’s simple as one-two-three,” says the official website Dr. Fone, and it is.

Dr. Fone with all plus or minus fresh devices plus or minus all operating systems – iPhone 7, and Windows 10 will not feel slighted. The program has a trial version that allows you to evaluate the functionality and pay, if you arrange everything. The price varies $ 70.

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