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Dr. Dre will release their first album in 16 years

The top Manager of the company Apple, is an American rapper andré Romelle young, known as Dr. Dre – will release their new album. The first album after a 16-year hiatus will be the soundtrack to the film “Straight out of Compton”, on which the contractor is now working.

The film will be released in theaters August 14, 2015. It will tell the story of the California hip-hop group N. W. A., which was Dr. Dre. The rapper, along with another team member, Ice Cube, the producer made the tape, and wrote to her music.

N. W. A (Niggaz Wit Attitudes) is one of the chief popularizers of gangsta rap, despite the short existence (1986 – 1991). In 2012 was nominated for inclusion in the Hall of Fame Rock n ‘ roll, in vain, that to the rock music they had minimal relation.

In the recording of the soundtrack was attended American rappers and protégé of Dr. Dre Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. The album also includes new songs of the group N. W. A., reunited to work on the film.

“This mega. This Dre. This is what everyone was waiting for, said in a radio interview about ice cube new album of his colleague. — This is definitely a very cool record, and all that he will release one day.”

Own albums at Dr. Dre only two, the first dated 1992, the other in 2001, he produced a huge number of tracks and entire albums of other artists (featuring Eminem).

Last year Forbes magazine named Dr. Dre the highest paid musician of the year. To take the lead musician helped by the sale of his own company Beats Electronics, which manufactures audio equipment. The deal with Apple has brought him $3 billion.

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