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Dr. Dre apologized to the woman who was beaten in his youth

Rapper and part-time as a top Manager of Apple andré Romelle young, known as Dr. Dre said that he repents for his insults, which he abused in the past to women.

“Twenty-five years ago I was a young man who drank too much and was completely lost without any plans to life. However, all this is no excuse for what I did. I was married for 19 years and worked every day to be a good father and continued to look his way. I’m doing everything in my power to keep this from happening again. I apologize to the women, which hurt. I deeply regret this, and I know that it’s forever changed our lives,” said the musician.

Also Dr. Dre apologized to those offended, and added that he regrets that his remarks had an impact on someone’s life.

August 7 first came out over 16 years album, Dr. Dre called Compton. Sales records, according to tracking the commercial success of music albums and singles Official Charts Company, 28,000 albums ahead of the rest of the top four best-selling albums of the week, and put together.

Compton became the first in the career of Dr. Dre recording, which managed to top the sales ranking in the UK. The previous record rapper under the name of “2001” was able in 1999 to reach a fourth of the charts.

According to the artist, at first after a long hiatus, the album was inspired by the film “the Voice of the streets” (Straight outta Compton), dedicated to the history of the group N. W. A., which included Dre began his musical career and gained first fame.

Rapper Dr. Dre joined Apple after the purchase of Beats last year. The deal has cost the “fruit” of the Corporation at $3 billion.

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