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Double the App Store ahead of Google Play in revenue despite fewer downloads

In the first quarter of 2016 from the Google Play store has been downloaded two times more applications than from the App Store. The Apple store remained the leader in the level of income — from January to March on the App Store apps earned two times more than Google Play.

A significant gap, explained to marketers due to the proliferation of the Google platform in emerging markets. Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Mexico accounted for about half of the total growth in downloads Android applications.

The growth of the audience, involved in the Android ecosystem means more advertising coverage that will favorably affect the business of Google. However, in terms of revenue the App Store continues to outpace Google Play. In the first quarter of the applications he has earned 90% more than online Google.

In addition, Apple dominates in some countries. For example, UK — the 4th most important market for Apple (as the number of downloads of iOS applications, and revenue), while for the Internet search engine the United Kingdom is not included even in the top ten.

The main source of revenue growth of Apple’s app store in the specified period were China, USA and Japan. The growth of App Store revenue in China for the year amounted to 2.2 times.

At App Annie, lead and other interesting statistics. For example, the number of applications for smart hours Apple Watch has grown from 3,000 in April to 14,000 in December, and the total revenue of music services for the year increased 2.2 times.

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The relationship between games and apps in terms of revenue has not changed: to games still account for 90% of revenue in Google Play and 75% in the App Store.

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