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Dora sells the iPhone 7, and how much we overpay for him?

The Russians compared to citizens of the USA and Japan overpay for every iPhone about 270 dollars and pay for Apple smartphones more than people in Italy, Norway, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, UK and even China. This conclusion can be done by studying the research of Deutsche Bank’s prices for the iPhone 7 with 128 GB of memory.

In the report “Mapping the World’s Prices” prices on iPhone — just one of the indicators. It featured 36 countries. According to the German Bank in Russia the cost of the iPhone 7 is 1086 USD, while in Brazil — 1115 dollars. The most expensive iPhone 7 sold in Turkey, where the cost, according to an analysis by Deutsche Bank, is $ 1,200. In the US, the smartphone is 815 dollars. In the UK and Canada also sold some of the cheapest iPhone – 898 and $ 855, respectively.

A similar situation can be observed in Russia and with the iPhone 6s, where it is 943 dollars, which is 33% more than in the US. More iPhone 6s is only in Turkey — 1032 dollar and Brazil — 1080 dollars. The US ranked last in the list — there are iPhone 6s worth $ 707.

Thus Russia takes the third place in the world most expensive iPhone. Can be comforted only by the fact that in the countries-leaders of the list price of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s and all space.

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