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Donald trump took Android smartphone, for security reasons

Intelligence agencies asked entering the office of President Donald trump no longer use his Android smartphone and take instead a more secure gadget, what exactly — not specified. Elected President of the United States changed its smartphone Samsung – “machine for writing messages on Twitter” — on tested intelligence.

Now, reportedly, trump will use “secure, encrypted device approved by the secret services”. This number is known to a narrow circle of persons.

Unknown at this time whether to allow Trump to use another phone, and how he would send messages from their account on Twitter.

Note that Barack Obama, as President, was able to keep his BlackBerry smartphone, but the device had to modify for security reasons. He also had a device to post to Twitter, but he did it infrequently and koordinirati with his team.

Account trump Twitter currently has about 20 million subscribers. But, as shown by a survey conducted by NBC and the Wall Street Journal, 69% of Americans do not approve of the use of trump Twitter to Express their views and political positions. Previously, trump said that he doesn’t like posting messages on his Twitter page, but it’s his only way to defend against a dishonest media.

Trump has replaced Obama as President today at noon local time (20.00 MSK), oath of the President.

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