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Donald trump has invited Tim cook and other CEOs of the largest American IT companies for talks

The new US President Donald trump invited the heads of major IT companies in Silicon valley for a roundtable in new York, The New York Times reported. Among the guests of the event stated Apple CEO Tim cook.

The agenda has not been disclosed, and maybe it still worked. Their participation in the meeting has confirmed the leaders of software developer Oracle and network equipment manufacturer Cisco Systems.

US President Barack Obama at the time also invited to a meeting of leading representatives of the technological industry. The talks were held during a private dinner in a private mansion of one of the major businessmen. The meeting was attended by Steve jobs, founder Facebook mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Manager of Oracle, Larry Ellison, the heads of Twitter, Yahoo! NetFlix and more – a total of 12 people.

As you know, many leaders of high-tech companies from Silicon valley that support Republicans refused financial support for the new US President Donald trump. The reason was the sharp statements trump about immigration policy and the economy, and address the different ethnic and racial groups.

In June, Apple refused to support the Republican national Convention and described the reason for this decision, the views trump. Later, Tim cook has organized several events to raise money for the speaker of the house of representatives Republican Paul Ryan and presidential candidate from the Democratic party Hillary Clinton – two opponents trump.

Billionaire Peter Thiel, cofounder of PayPal, one of the most eminent personalities of the IT industry, supported trump not donating money in support of it. One of the founders of Oracle’s Larry Ellison, who spent $5 million to support Marco Rubio, and in 2012 $3 million to the campaign of Republican candidate MITT Romney, also has not allocated any funds in support of Donald trump.

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