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Domestic analogue Alibaba will begin to create in may 2017

In may in Russia will create a national trading online aggregator for example a well-known Chinese site Alibaba. This was told by Deputy MAYOR Oleg Fomichev said in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

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The Ministry of economic development (MED) together with Sberbank will begin to implement plans to create a Russian area of Internet Commerce — analogue Alibaba — in may-June.

“By may-June. Finally, decide when you receive a finished REC project, and it needs to be considered at the Presidium of the presidential Council for priority projects rather in March”, — said Fomichev.

The official said that will be the platform that most likely will rely on the platform of the savings Bank. The sellers can offer their products as the Russians and foreign buyers. Now developers create a personal account of the entrepreneur, in which sellers can post their products with description, price, time delivery and so on.

“It will be a personal account of the small businessman, where there should be a possibility to place your products with description, delivery time, price and so on. The platform should give the owner a set of services that allow after the information about your product to put it on the domestic markets and abroad”, — said the Deputy MAYOR.

In the personal Cabinet, you can solve potential problems with logistics and insurance.

Oleg Fomichev said that the Russian small and medium businesses do not have the resources to present their products online and to send her even outside of their region, not to mention the supplies to other countries. The new project should facilitate this task and to reduce costs for entrepreneurs to enter other markets.

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