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Dollar overweening: iPhone 6, iPad 4 mini, and other gadgets, which fell in January

This week the ruble hitting new record low: Wednesday, January 20, the dollar on the Moscow stock exchange exceeded the mark 82 rubles (the previous record was recorded on December 16, 2014 to 80.1 rubles within the day), on Thursday, the course was sold for 85 rubles. and only today, Wednesday, has stabilized around 80 rubles.

The national currency again began to fall at the end of 2015 for the next round of the fall in oil prices.

Retailers and manufacturers don’t deny that the cost of electronics in the near future will begin to grow. For example, Samsung has already announced the impending price increase of 10% on their vehicles, “given the current growth rate of currencies”. RBC made a selection of gadgets that fell in the last month.

iPhone 5s 16 GB

Prices dropped by about 30%

Apple devices, despite the prolonged depreciation of the ruble, from December 2015 become cheaper. The largest decline in rates from December 12 to January 13 shows the model of iPhone 5s with a minimal amount of memory — 16 GB, presented on the Russian market in October 2013. On average, the cost of the device in retail stores in Russia over the past month has declined by about a third.

In the shops of networks Media Markt and MTS this version of the smartphone is less than 25 thousand rbl., in “M. Video”, re:Store, “Eldorado” — about 26 thousand rubles. however, in the end of November — beginning of December the iPhone 5s with 16GB in the “Connected” and “M. Video” cost about 30 000 rubles, in “Euroset” — about 35,000 rubles, MTS — about 40 000 rubles We are talking about the decline of 20-35%.

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At the start of sales two years ago the iPhone 5s with 16 GB cost in the stores about 30 000.

iPhone 6

Fell by approximately 10%

iPhone 6 cheaper in Russia after the iPhone 5s. Now the mobile phone with 16 GB memory can be purchased for 41 990 rubles.

Russian retail chains have reduced the price of “six”, despite the rising dollar. In “M. Video” model with 16 GB of memory today you can buy for 41 990 rubles, which is 5,000 rubles cheaper than in 2015. The cost model in “the Messenger” is the same. The model with 64 GB of memory is available in price 46 990 rubles in the “Connected” and 47 990 rubles. in “M. Video”, respectively 6000 and 3000 rubles. lower than last year.

Modification with 128 GB of memory can be purchased for 54 990 rubles. in “M. Video” and 53 990 rubles in the “Connected”. Last year, the prices of these retail shops for this model were above 4,000 rubles.. In Re:Store the value of the model with 128 GB of memory is 53 990 rubles, as in “the Messenger”. Other models have fallen in price not so much.

HTC One A9

Fell by about 17%

The HTC One smartphone A9, which is called a clone iPhone 6s, entered the Russian market in November 2015. The novelty was offered in approximately 48 000 rubles — the flagship is the most expensive HTC in Russia.

For the month, from 12 December to 13 January, as the study showed, the smartphone in “the Messenger” and “Euroset” fell by 16.7% to just under 40 000 rubles. same price as at January 22, was to be found in the Internet-shop “Yulmart” and in the retail network operators “MegaFon” and “Beeline”.

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In “M. Video” HTC One A9 on the website costs about 45,000 rubles., which is still 6% less than the starting price.

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Fell by approximately 10%

The Xperia Z5 Compact, appeared on the Russian market in October 2015, — a reduced copy of the flagship device Xperia Z5 from Sony. The Z5 Compact device built on the same platform and runs on the same operating system — Google Android, with the same waterproof housing and camera (23 megapixels), and “mother” leader. On sale in the Russian market Sony Xperia Z5 Compact is entered at the price of almost 40 thousand rubles.

From 12 December to 13 January, in “Euroset” and “Coherent” device fell by 6% and 15% accordingly: the cost of the smartphone in the middle of the month was about 34 thousand rbl. last week and “Euroset” and “Svyaznoy” added price on 2 thousand rbl. In “M. Video” and “Eldorado” the price tag for the month fell by 10% to 36 thousand rbl. that is how much this device costs and the site operator “Beeline”.

5X LG Nexus 16 GB

Fell by approximately 10%

The main advantages of the new smartphone from Google, went on sale in Russia in November 2015, began a new processor, a fingerprint scanner, a special mode to increase the operating time. The starting price of the device with 16 GB of about 35 000 rubles.

However, from mid-December to mid-January, according to the calculations, many retailers reduced the price of the model. In particular, on the websites of networks “Svyaznoy” and “Eldorado” the price has fallen more than 14% to about 30 000 rubles. same was the price and the online store “M. Video” on January 22. On the website of Media Markt device with 16GB is worth today, about 34 000.

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Sony Xperia Z5

Fell by approximately 10%

“As is the case when the gadget can be forgiven everything — your appearance,” was written in the review of the flagship from Sony Xperia Z5. The smartphone appeared on sale in Russia in October 2015, presented in a range of colors — such as dark green and pale turquoise. New on the start of sales has cost nearly 50 000.

From mid-December to mid-January, the flagship model from Sony fell: for example, in “M. Video” and “Eldorado” — on 10%, to 45 thousand rbl. And “the Messenger” and “Euroset” — up to 41 500 rubles, however, in the past week — 22 January — the price tag on these networks was again raised to 45 000 rubles (in white and Golden colors in the “Connected” device is about 47 thousand rubles). Similar price — 45 000 rbl. — now operates on the site of the retailer “Yulmart” and operator “Beeline”.

mini iPad 4 Wi-Fi + LTE 64 GB

Fell by about 6%

The fourth generation iPad mini with a slot for SIM-cards and memory 64 GB presented by Apple last fall, went on sale in the Russian shops at the price of about 51 000.

The study showed that from 12 December to 13 January, the price of the tablet, for example, in “the Messenger” has decreased by almost 8%, to 47 thousand rubles. On the websites of networks “M. Video”, “Eldorado”, Media Markt, the device costs a little more — about 49 000 rubles (as of January 22)

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