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Does the Night Shift mode in iOS 9.3 may improve sleep?

Last week Apple released a new version of iOS, the main feature of which was the so-called “night mode”. According to the developers, it reduces eye strain and helps easier to fall asleep if the user happened to use a mobile device before going to sleep. The Verge has collected comments of experts in the field of sleep to find out how useful a mode Night Shift.

There are several types of light radiation, and not all of them visible to the human eye (ultraviolet rays, gamma rays, x-rays, infrared light, radar beams, etc.). A person is able to see only a small spectrum. Blue light that negatively affects the user in the dark and off in mode, Night Shift, at the end of the range of ultraviolet rays. In this case, the wavelength of artificial light differs from the sun.

Own daily periodicity of human rights, the so-called “biological clock”, is 24.2 hours and is continuously synchronized with the cycle “light-darkness”. Under the control of the biological clock: circadian rhythm sleep – Wake schedule, fluctuations in blood pressure and body temperature, the activity of the immune and other body systems. For millennia, people Wake up and fall asleep, focusing on the presence or absence of daily sunlight. Due to the artificial lighting the biorhythms of the person moves.

Professor Raj Dasgupta argues that any source of light suppresses melatonin (a substance that regulates the body’s cycle of sleep and wakefulness). But the most powerful effect of suppression of melatonin has light blue range. “Sleep disorders often are treated by the interaction of the patient with blue light during the day and complete darkness at bedtime,” explained the Professor.

In addition to artificial lighting, there are additional factors that affect sleep quality. These can include emotional stress or stress at work. So if you are a day soured their nerves, then just look at the iPhone screen in Night Shift mode and fall asleep, most likely, will not work.

Apple didn’t share all the technical nuances of the new regime, so we cannot know what the light waves were excluded. Apparently, Night Shift eyes will be less tired, but your body will still experience some discomfort.

However, all experts positively reacted to the idea of the Apple with the “night mode” in iOS, eliminates the blue spectrum of light. The most effective way to improve sleep quality is to completely abandon the electronic devices in the evening.

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