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Do not throw iPhone 6s in the volcano [video]

Crash tests conducted on new gadgets is really interesting, as they allow the user not yet made up their minds to find out how much your smartphone or tablet protected from bumps and drops. However, most views on YouTube collecting videos, where gadgets merciless way blown up, burned and crushed in a blender. In one of the last of such rollers is the Creator of YouTube-channel TechRax burn the iPhone 6s in the handful of substances resembling a volcano.

Great showed what will happen with “Apple” gadget if you put it in your hot powder. In the experiment a smartphone is completely burnt on the outside.

The video is called “don’t throw your Phone 6s in volcano”. The spectacle is really like a mini-volcano: orange powder when burned, turns into ashes. In the experiment, the gadget is busted inside, but his body survived.

To imagine a situation in which the iPhone 6s would have damage similar to that shown in the video is very difficult. Yes, and don’t need to do channel TechRax is famous for the fact that often focuses on the wanton destruction of expensive devices.

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