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Do not buy cheap copies of the Apple Watch. And expensive too

The resource browser Yuri Zisser shared experience with smart clock Smart Watch G08, copying the design of Apple Watch. According to him, it’s wasted money, as they don’t work most of the functions.

Smart watch Smart Watch G08 (left) and the Apple Watch (right)

“Lord, do not fall for advertising at Google and the cheapness, don’t buy a smart watch G08: they don’t work two thirds of the stated features, raw crude”, – he wrote.

The resemblance of the model with the Apple Watch, that is, there is. It is obvious that the producer was inspired by the brand Apple. However, the quality of the device leaves much to be desired.

In the comments Zisser told work what kind of functions did not suit him: “Incoming calls are not recognized and are sent to the mobile phone. On the contrary, outgoing dialed from your phone, for some reason immediately forwarded to the clock and speaker. Two-thirds of the icons are just not being pushed or given a “No SIM card” or “No memory card”. Instead of the weather forecast issued text messages.”

On the clock the calendar is displayed in month format, but it’s just not fun and is not configurable. “Search in the address book is not only overkill. The dial of the watch only appears when the button is clicked”, – he explained.

G08 on Aliexpress are an average of 20 dollars (about 1150 rubles) against $ 300 at the Apple Watch and has a fairly long set of features: work in two modes: phone, camera, sync with your smartphone (iOS and Android), calculator, pedometer, alarm clock, player, calendar, three dials, and the battery 380 mAh, support for memory cards.

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But if hardly anyone is questioning the quality of Apple Watch, the case with the G08 the opinion of buyers was divided. After reading hundreds of reviews, you may notice that some satisfied with your purchase and believe that for such a ridiculous amount of anything much as can be expected. At the same time, others describe a lot of shortcomings, among which those mentioned by Yuri Zisser.

On the one hand, each product must conform to the specifications, which says the seller, regardless of its value. Or is it not worth to expect from “smart” watches for the price of a t-shirt of the same quality as Apple Watch. What do you think?

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