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Dmitry Medvedev wears black Apple Watch Sport [photo]

Dmitry Medvedev has not changed him – the Chairman of the Russian Government was one of the first user’s new “fruit” company. At today’s photos from the Kremlin official posing with the watch Apple Watch.

It is noteworthy that Dmitry Medvedev chose the most simple modification of the “smart” watch Apple Watch Sport. Officially, the device is not available in Russia, apparently the gadget was purchased in another country and imported for personal use.

The Russian Prime Minister is a longtime fan of Apple technology. In 2008, sources close to confirmed that Medvedev quite actively using an iPhone. Interestingly, at that time, the phone was not shipped and not sold in Russia officially. In the spring of 2010 he became the owner of the iPad, and then began to praise the tablet computer Apple, which, in his words, is constantly. In the same year, during his visit to Silicon valley, Medvedev received from the hands of Steve jobs iPhone 4, sales of which began the following day.

In April 2011 the project participants Comedy Club gave Medvedev iPad 2, the memory which has been loaded with all editions of Comedy Club Production. And the fan club “Medvedev Girls” and a group of like-minded people in one of the social networks gave Mr Medvedev exclusive “name” smartphone — DimaPhone.

In 2013, Medvedev refused “Apple” communicators in favor of the Galaxy S4. However, it was a temporary fad and soon he was seen with the iPhone 5s. At the moment the Prime Minister has an iPhone 6 Plus in conjunction with the Apple Watch, as evidenced by the photos of the Prime Minister.

In addition to Medvedev Apple Watch acquired by Hollywood stars and singers: Beyonce, singer Pharrell Williams, rapper Drake, pop diva Katy Perry, Wiz Khalifa and Director of the new episode of Star wars by J. J. Abrams.

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