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Dmitry Medvedev banned the Russian officials to buy iPhone

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has tightened the requirements for public procurement. The ban flagship smartphones and luxury cars. The Prime Minister signed the document.

As informs a site of the Kremlin, restrictions apply to state unitary enterprises. The heads of Federal agencies are prohibited from acquiring phones are more expensive than 15 000 rubles. For the money you can buy the Samsung series J or the Russian Highscreen Boost 3 SE. Taking into account Christmas discount you can find and iPhone 5s. Regional civil servants, assistants and advisers to the heads prescribed to use smartphones costing less than 10 000 professionals — more than 5 000.

For managers of Federal authorities and their deputies, the cost of official vehicles shall not exceed 2,5 million roubles, for heads of Federal agencies and services, as well as their deputies, — 2 million rubles, and for the heads of departments and their deputies — 1.5 million rubles. In turn, the advisers to the heads of Federal agencies and heads of territorial bodies of service vehicles and does not put.

It is noteworthy that a government decree prohibits officials even to use a taxi on expensive and powerful cars — if the Minister can still afford to use the tariffs of the “Business” from “Yandex.Taxi” Black and Uber, a government official of lower level have to go on a simple taxi.

Restrictions on purchase of furniture: chairs made of natural leather put only the respective ministries, Federal agencies and services, as well as governors and members of the regional Cabinet. The other officials will be available only seat in faux leather or with fabric upholstery.

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