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Dmail is a plugin for Chrome which allows you to delete sent email from the recipient’s mailbox

In mail service Gmail has the ability to cancel the sending of the email message. This can be useful if, by mistake, the letter was sent to the wrong destination, or if the user forgot to attach the file to the message. But to cancel the sending of the message can only be on for 30 seconds after clicking “Send”.

The creators of the service called Dmail has proposed a solution that allows you to delete a mail message, and after a longer period of time. However, there is one condition: you must install the extension for Chrome. The reason is that Dmail is a module for Gmail. After installing the extension you will be able to send emails in Gmail with smodulename time: hour, day or week.

But even if you click “Never” (never), you will still be able to access this letter at any time and click “Revoke Email” to withdraw the letter, and then it simply disappears from all recipients. They will get the text: “This message has been deleted and is no longer available”.

When sending a letter just to activate the service. Further Dmail encrypts the outgoing message and indicates to the user when it was opened. At any moment the user can withdraw a sent message or to give the team its automatic destruction after a certain period of time.

Importantly, the recipients of the letter do not need to be users Dmail to read sent through him a letter. Just in this case they will have to click on the link to open the email in a separate browser window. If Dmail they have installed, they will be able to read your email in Gmail the same way as any other.

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Dmail so far only works with the mail service of Google, over time, the developers want to support and other services and platforms. In particular, in August plans to release an app for iOS and later for Android.

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