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Displays with clock frequency of 120 Hertz come to smartphones

This week was presented to the smartphone Sharp Aquos R Compact, the main features of which are the size and IGZO-display with a clock frequency of 120 Hz.

The device has a 4.9-inch screen with a resolution 2034 x 1080 pixels, aspect ratio is 17:9. Together in semi-frameless design of the device turned out quite compact. The smartphone is protected from water and dust to standard IP68. Aquos R Compact collected most of the technology manufacturer.

Japanese company Sharp can be considered a driving force of progress in the field of displays for mobile segment. She first noted the frameless smartphone Aquos Crystal. It happened in 2014. The phone was left without proper attention, as it was not very common in the world, and users that was then very other models.

The first smartphone that supported a refresh rate of 120 Hz, was the Sharp Aquos Zeta Docomo SH-01G. The device was released in November of 2015 and have not received public recognition.

For Sharp Aquos R Compact use the technology of IGZO display (I-indium, G is gallium, Z is zinc, O-oxide). These chemical elements are able to replace silicon used in the production of matrices. The use of this technology reduces response time and pixel size. Transistors that are based on IGZO, has received a number of advantages over the old method of production. New guides have become faster and smaller.

On the smartphones of competitors, the refresh rate exceeds 60 Hz. A doubling of this rate provides smoother motion images and the unfolding of large images. This technology allows you to watch full 3D scenes with a significant reduction in compensation response time (RTC).

Clock frequency 120 Hz in the smartphone Sharp is not working by default. The user can activate it in separate applications. When activated, a window appears with a warning about the increased battery consumption. This is what currently stops many producers from the integration of such displays in their flagship devices, but Sharp in the form of a switch is a good solution.

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro available in the summer of 2017, also supports clock frequency of 120 Hz. This technology is called ProMotion. The interesting thing lies in the fact that the novelty uses variable refresh rate. That is, the display content is updated with variable speed depending on what the user is viewing at the moment and how it communicates with this content. With simple swipe gestures on home screen use lower refresh rates. When scrolling pages in Safari or during the game update rate is greatly increased.

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