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Display X iPhone not face burnout

The Korean company employees Cetizen found that the OLED display iPhone X more resistant to fading than the next competitors.

The effect of burnout can be observed on modern OLED screens. If a bright image is displayed on the display for a long time, smartphone owner can notice the areas of lighter shades in use. This problem was observed in 2 Google Pixel XL and the first models OLED-TVs.

The company Cetizen decided to find out which of today’s flagship smartphones are the most resistant to fading. Were selected for a test iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. All devices were set to maximum brightness and reproduced the same image. Through the control intervals, the experts carried out inspections and checked if there are any on screen signs of burnout.

On Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 burn marks became visible through 155 hours. It should be noted that the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has suffered the most. In order to see the first signs of burnout on the iPhone X, it was necessary to wait for 510 hours.

The most amazing in the entire experiment is that Samsung Display manufactures screens for Apple’s flagship. The results of the test indicate that the South Korean giant is faithfully fulfilling customer orders.

510 hours is slightly more than 21 days. Hardly anybody of the users will need to reproduce the same bright picture continuously for such a long time. This means that under normal use the iPhone screen X not face burnout.

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