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Disney was ahead of Apple by creating a room with the possibility of wireless charging devices [video]

To charge an iPhone or iPad, the person must have the wire and power source, that is the socket. This is inconvenient, because firstly, this charging method imposes restrictions on the mobility of the user, and secondly, outlet or wire may not be at hand. According to rumors, Apple is working on technology that will allow you to wirelessly transfer energy at a large distance to charge the iOS devices without using a cable. Disney Research ahead of “Apple” giant, demonstrating the prototype of this technology: in the room created by the engineers of the company, it is possible to charge mobile devices without using a cable.

Experts Disney Research has developed a method that allows you to transfer large amounts of energy at any distance within a given room. Scientists proposed technology is called quasi-static resonance in the cavity (cavity resonance is quasistatic, QSCR). Her work is based on the transfer of energy in a confined space with a uniform magnetic field.

The developers have built a room the size of 4.9 x 4.9 x 2.3 meters in floor, ceiling and walls which are inserted into aluminum panels. In its center by a copper pillar with a diameter of 7.2 cm with a gap of 2.5 cm in the middle. The top and bottom of the column in the break are connected to each other with 15 capacitors with a total capacity of 7.3 picofarad. When voltage is applied to the column around it was formed by standing electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 1.32 megahertz.

During the experiment, using a special generator of the researchers was applied to an aluminum plate in the room resonant current with a frequency of 1.32 megahertz. The voltage applied to the aluminum panels in the walls, ceiling and floor have also led to the formation of standing electromagnetic waves, which interact with the waves from the copper column, formed within the room is homogeneous electromagnetic field. This field was able to convert into electricity a conventional receiving coils.

During the tests the transmitted power was 15 watts. That was enough for simultaneous operation of ten devices, including lamp, phone and fan. Computer simulations showed that inside the room you can pass up to 1.9 kW of energy with no harm to humans: enough for simultaneous charging of mobile devices 320.

The QSCR technology is scalable: it allows you to create a room of any size with multiple columns — this can be a living room, office, garage or large warehouse.

In the future, experts from Disney I hope to replace metal walls, ceiling and floor of a special modular panels or use conductive paint that allows you to upgrade existing buildings. To increase the area of a resonance chamber only need to increase the number of copper pillars.

On how soon the technology QSTR appear on the market, Disney did not report.

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