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Disgruntled customer demanded that Apple 999 billion dollars

IPhone owners filed a new lawsuit against Apple due to the slowdown in smartphones. One of the plaintiffs demands to pay 999 999 999 000 USD. Copies of the statements came from the publication Patently Apple.

A resident of Los Angeles violet Mailyan, filed a lawsuit against Apple for the sum of 999 billion (57 825 300 000 000 rubles at the exchange rate on 27.12.2017). It accuses Apple of fraud, intentional concealment of information and forced to buy a new iPhone. “Before and after it was announced or went on sale the new iPhone, the plaintiff noticed that the performance of the old iPhone slowed down or after you upgrade the operating system, or otherwise unknown or undisclosed technical reasons”, — said in a lawsuit Mayilyan.

Another lawsuit was filed by Raisa, TANTIVY in the Eastern district court of new York. It requires the company $ 100 million. Tantawi accuses Apple of not only the limitation of the performance of the old iPhone and fraud, but also false advertising and breach of contract.

After the recognition of Apple slowing the old phones, a few people in the U.S. have filed lawsuits in court, but their claims were more modest than Mailyan and TANTIVY. According to Apple, it slows down the iPhone for the stable operation of the battery.

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