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Discussion: the mysterious history of the red dots and the Apple Watch

Tim cook revealed the Apple Watch Series 3 two years ago — the world just forgot about it.

On September 12, “the Theatre of Steve jobs” introduced the third generation of smart watches to watchOS — a mobile communication module, and a strange red dot on the wheel Digital Crown. But we have already seen this watch.

In pictures Reuters in April 2015, the CEO of Apple wears a steel Watch with a sports strap. And terms scarlet color of the Digital Crown.

Which means:

  • The planning and approval even small details the team from Cupertino takes at least two years.
  • Updated the wheel is not no insignificant.
  • Obviously, it is a tribute to designers of traditional watch industry, where the red accents regularly.

    The model of the Swiss company Ikepod and all wearing very similar red “cap” on the buttons.

    Apple also stressed the main feature of the latest hours — of their independence from the iPhone. Successfully?


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