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Discovered a malicious link leading to the hanging of iOS and macOS

In the Internet appeared another “text bomb”, which is able to bring some trouble to the user the operating systems of Apple.

Hacker Abraham Masri on Twitter has shared with the readers of the discovered vulnerability. When I click on the published link, it can lead to many problems. These include application freezes, Messages, Safari, reboot your desktop, as well as reducing the autonomy of the device.

It seems that the web site that leads to a malicious link that uses a bug or unoptimized process of creating page titles OpenGraph. In the case that the user has received the link in the message, the only solution at the moment is the removal of dialogue with it. To do this, open “Contacts”, then choose the person with whom the user recently communicated. Next you need to press the “Messages” icon, then return to the conversation list and delete conversation with a link. Masri recommends not to send them discovered vulnerability to friends or relatives.

This is not the first case when a text message or link can lead to hanging gadgets on iOS and macOS. Previously, Apple were very quick to respond to such vulnerability. Probably, in this time, the company will correct it in the next update.

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