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Discover the secrets of the mysterious holes in the headphones EarPods

Owners headphones the EarPods that come with Apple mobile devices, wondering about the extra holes in these accessories. In the network there are plenty of guesses on this. The purpose of this feature decided to understand the experts TechInsider.

Many users are wondering what the holes in the EarPods. Some believe that this microphones to help improve the quality of communication with other users.

In fact, it is not. The holes in the legs EarPods are made with a single purpose: to improve the sound quality of the headphones. In the field of acoustic design, they have an important mission. Small holes in the plastic housing EarPods allow the speakers to move more freely. A sort of mini-phase inverters, allowing to reduce the lower boundary frequency of the speakers and increase the sound pressure level at low frequencies.

In other words, through these holes Apple has made to improve sound quality, ensuring a more balanced playing bass in the headphones.

Earlier this year, began selling models of wireless AirPods. Headphones, constantly deprived of loose cables, there are additional holes to improve the sound quality.

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