Disclosed information about the promising developments of Apple & nbsp

Bloomberg agency disclosed information about promising developments of Apple in the field of virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR).
Reporters said that five years ago a separate division of Technology Development Group appeared in the company. It has grown to more than a thousand engineers. Their goal was to create a helmet for AR and VR, as well as smart glasses. These devices had to be independent, without the need to connect to a computer or smartphone.

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Problems arose with a helmet. It should have turned out powerful, but compact. However, to place a suitable “iron” inside the headset with the batteries did not work. At first, the developers decided to use an external stationary unit, but then they rejected this idea. The chief designer Johnny Ive spoke out against.
It is noted that the technologies that were created for the computing unit of the helmet, in the end, formed the basis of Apple’s own processors. And the Technology Development Group focused on smart glasses. It is expected that their company will nevertheless bring to the market in the coming years.

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