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Disclaimer of audio Jack in the iPhone 7 as new source of revenue for Apple

There are reports that Apple has decided to abandon the use in the next iPhone 7 standard 3.5-mm audio connector. This is, in particular, told journalists Macotakara, citing “reliable sources”. It is believed that due to this Apple is planning to reduce the thickness of iPhone 7 “more than 1 mm” compared with today’s iPhone 6s. However, market experts have a better explanation of this step.

3.5 mm Jack “can hardly be thinner because it’s the world standard”. Many years ago Apple was considered using a more compact, but less common 2.5 mm audio connector. But in the end the company abandoned the idea, focusing on the development of the proprietary interface Lightning, which is now used in all modern iOS devices.

The version that the rejection of the audio connector will allow to reduce the thickness of the iPhone, seems too far-fetched. After all, even products of Apple include the iPod touch, which, despite using the same 3.5 mm connector, 1 mm thinner than the iPhone 6s. Therefore, one of the main reasons probably lies in marketing. After all, as a replacement of audio connector, has long been recognized as a worldwide standard, Apple is planning to use its Lightning port or Bluetooth.

In this case, the buyers of the iPhone 7 to use all sorts of headphones and portable audio have to purchase the Lightning-to-c adapter 3.5 mm audio Manufacturers are unlikely to include the adapter in the package, so users will have to buy an accessory, focusing on the choice of the Apple or its partners manufacturing compatible with iPhone products.

one iPhone with Lightning connector eliminates the possibility of listening to music while charging. And here users will be gently to encourage him to buy an extra battery Apple built-in battery, which can not only prolong battery life but also get rid of unnecessary wires.

Disclaimer of audio Jack in the iPhone 7 in any case entail an increase in the cost of a smartphone for end users and open new revenue stream for the manufacturer.

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