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Disassembly of the flagship OnePlus 5 showed that the similarity with the iPhone 7 Plus is not only external

The most discussed event in the IT world this week was the presentation of 5 OnePlus, a new smartphone that is positioned as a competitor to the flagships on the market. Now that the characteristics and software features of the product are examined, and the suspicious similarity with the design of the iPhone 7 Plus are not discussed just lazy, the final stage is the opportunity to find out what is inside the product. To this question I decided to answer in MyFixGuide.

Smartphone OnePlus 5 with AMOLED display size of 5.5 inches, dressed in all-metal case. Understands the gadget on the basis of the Snapdragon chip 835 by loosening the screws on the bottom and gently detach the screen. Audio Jack and USB type-C is fixed on the rear cover and the cable connected to the motherboard, which you should try not to damage during the detaching of the screen with all electronics.

Disassembly of the new Android flagship revealed that iPhone similarity is not only external. In particular, it relates to “system use seals” and hardening of the hull at the corners. This design, as noted, is found only in Apple devices, and Samsung and Oppo.

The perfect Assembly of the device can not be named. Some ports are not set in metal clips that can eventually lead to loss of contact, and the connector for the camera detaches easily.

During the disassembly of experts found some features of the OnePlus camera 5. Front camera resolution 16 megapixel based on Sony IMX371, and dual main camera uses Sony sensors and Sony IMX398 IMX350. The resolution is 16 and 20 megapixels respectively.

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