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Disassembly MacBook Pro 15” with Touch Bar: a hidden connector for data recovery from SSD and decorative speaker grilles

Readers MacDigger already had the opportunity to see the results of opening the MacBook Pro last generation, conducted by the specialists of iFixit. Then under the “scalpel” came the 13-inch version with Touch panel Bar. Now iFixit got to the 15-inch MacBook Pro with a touch OLED panel above the keyboard.

Construction of the model of the laptop display 15 inch recalls 13-inch. During disassembly, the discovery was made concerning SSD. As we remember, in the basic configuration laptop without Touch Bar he was made in the form albeit proprietary, but still removable module. Here is so easy to replace it it is impossible — the SSD is made in the form soldered directly on the motherboard chipset.

At the same time on the PCB of the laptop there is a small connector of unknown purpose. Experts suggest that we are talking about a special connector to upload data with SSD. In case of failure of laptop motherboard Apple will be able to connect to the drive and retrieve user data.

The other change is the stereo speakers that have moved from areas on the sides of the keyboard at the edge of the pads to wrists. The grille for the speakers remained in the same place where they were, although they no longer bear almost no functional load — the main sound is located in the new speakers is discharged through the side openings.

Touchpad 15-inch MacBook Pro (left) and 7.9-inch iPad mini (right)

Touchpad 15-inch MacBook Pro is significantly more than the 13-inch model. For this reason, Apple added the extra touch-controller Broadcom. Fans of the older version of the MacBook Pro is also significantly larger and differ in shape.

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Big trouble in case of failure takes the power button MacBook Pro, because it is integrated in the fingerprint scanner Touch ID with the surface of sapphire glass. Replace this button will cost more expensive counterparts without Touch ID.

In the end, the 15-inch MacBook Pro sample 2016 with a Touch panel Bar also received the lowest score for repairability — 1 point out of a possible 10.

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