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Disagree, we were deceived! First impressions of the new Nokia 3310

Although the new Nokia 3310 on sale “there” will arrive in April, and Russia will get to may-June, there are already people who got the opportunity to hold the tube in the hands and to form a certain impression, reports TechLife.

Chinese if not formally, then in fact the company delivers the Global HMD Nokia 3310 sauce of nostalgia and it’s how we treat it — as an attempt to go back 17 years. Does it pass the version in 2017 compared to the 2000 version? The short answer to this question is no. The long answer is below.

This is not a “brick” — and do not expect

A preliminary review of the Indian edition of BGR is interesting because for him — and his readers — phone for 50 Euro is not just a nostalgic toy. For the money in India many people want from a device not only nostalgia, but also a good essential duties. This is true for Russian consumers.

Observers regretfully notice that legendary feeling of “brick” is the feeling which caused the original Nokia 3310, the newcomer left. All plastic, plastic looks and feels flimsy. This does not mean that the Nokia 3310 will break at the first drop probably not. However, from the former the sensation of the monolith and the reliability is not gone. No wonder the new tube weighs only 78 grams, more than half less than the original (133 g). She is much much thinner, so that the hand doesn’t feel like a Nokia 3310, but as something completely different.

GSM Arena, turn with regret to notice that although HMD Global retained the rounded shape of the buttons, the location of the control keys has nothing to do with the original. Those who were waiting for the rookie that he is a complete copy of the old man will be disappointed.

The same applies to display. 2.4 inch screen with a resolution of 240×320 not only color — which is inevitable in 2017 — but covered weird polarizing film (according to the manufacturer this is for the best work in the bright sun), and the beveled faces and the overall roundness look strange.

Chaos — “Snake” is not the same!

“Snake” in the new version of Nokia 3310 is not even trying to copy the original. It is managed only by keys “4” and “6” and she, according to videotranny phones, made TechRadar, more like a game for disgusting (in the context of this material) iPhone than the old “Snake”.

Different useful programs, the new product became more than the original, there is even Opera. However, the novelty is powered by Nokia Series 30+, this means that the new owners, if they want other apps, you will have to think about how and where to get them. And forget about all of the programs to which they are accustomed.

Sounds and ringtones in the new, though similar, however, if in the original they were solid, here — PHONIC. That is sound very different.

As a phone for everyday use? Very bad and expensive!

Perhaps the main drawback of Nokia 3310 — not even the fact that it is not a copy of an old tube. In the end it is clear and understandable for 17 years, materials and technology have changed irreversibly. Worse than that, according to the authors of the reviews, the tube is bad and as a phone for everyday use.

As BGR reminds us that with all this and fabulous way. In fact, in Russia no problem to buy normal dialer, which will not be worse news, and you like to pay 1.5-2 times less. And this is assuming that the merchants in our country will keep the price of Nokia 3310 at the level declared by the manufacturer € 49 we are not sure. So as not to throw at least ten “nostalgy”?

New Nokia 3310 as a tube for each day is not good because it is a disgusting computer. It is not and never will WhatsApp and Facebook, will not be able to put the app MacDigger and your favorite games. And even if it was — there is no wifi, so the Internet here is limited to speeds of 2.5 G (GPRS is!) which full to surf the web is now exceptionally painful, it was too “heavy” modern websites.

Yes, the phone has a slot for microSD cards and a 2-megapixel camera, however to upload to the SD card except the music, and the camera will not be able to shoot anything worthwhile. It is difficult to say why it is needed, in principle. To make ugly avatars for contacts in the phone? By the way, if your contacts aren’t stored on the SIM card, not even hope to move them to the new tube.

Of course, the “simple phones” do not buy for the sake of the Internet and Facebook, but for a regular “dumb phone”, the Nokia 3310 is too expensive. And while there is nothing that would not be the cheaper competitors. In addition to the patina of nostalgia, that’s just…

That’s just like a copy of the old Nokia 3310, it seems, is also “not very”.

So what are you, a Nokia 3310?!

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