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Director of a documentary film about Steve Jobs: “He was a tyrant and a jerk”

Steve jobs has long been elevated to the rank of God. But he had a lot of quite earthly weaknesses: short temper, pettiness, greed and irresponsibility. In the U.S., has released the documentary “Steve jobs: the Man in the car”, which examines his identity from a critical point of view. Secretmag prepared this article about the importance of rethinking the figure of Steve jobs.

As with any technical device, the iPhone has a motherboard, modem, microphone, microchip, battery, wires made of gold and silver. The screen cover is made of indium tin oxide conducts electricity and thus returns the iPhone to life with one touch. Of course, the iPhone is much more than a simple smartphone. Thought, memory, empathy — these are things that usually called the soul. Metal, coils, parts and chips iPhone designed to hand the person had at the same time a list of products, photos, games, jokes, news, music, secrets, vote favorite and messages from close friends.

No matter how many years have passed since 2007, and don’t mean stretching and succeeding generation iPhone. In this device there is some anthropological alchemy, something magical and mystical at the same time. About the technique Apple say it is the first device that began to draw consumers ‘ affection and love. Perhaps that is why the person who gave the iPhone life, is already included in the Pantheon of inventors that changed the world beyond recognition. Gutenberg, Einstein, Edison and Steve jobs.

However, what really made Steve jobs and what were his methods? These issues were the subject of a new documentary film by Alex Gibney “Steve jobs: the Man in the car” about a man who was insisting that the equipment has its own “I”. The film does not merit jobs and his place in history questioned. The Director argues that jobs and we deserve better than the banal and comfortable all biography. Work Gibney rethinks the legacy of Steve jobs, debunks the myths and complicates the already known facts circumstances. The film begins with scenes at a makeshift monument, erected in honor of Steve jobs after his death in 2011. “It’s not often that the whole planet mourned the loss of” — notices Gibney. And one of the many glowing obituaries jobs on YouTube ten-year student says, “the Head of Apple came up with iPhone, iPad, iPod. He created for us all”.

Fair to say that in something the child is right — the iPhone and many other Apple products exist only because of the jobs. “He’s still not the inventor, and visionary who was able to sell their vision of the world,” insists Gibney.

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The vision jobs had formed Buddhism, Bauhaus design, calligraphy, poetry, humanism — willed merger of art and technology. All this was passed on to his products. Jobs hired into the company of people who in other circumstances could become artists, and poets — but in the digital age, they decided to Express themselves through their computers. He focused on the artistry and spirituality.

We’ve learned that Steve jobs is characterized by the so. Usually all ignore that he was still a bit of a jerk, says Gibney. Not just a harmless idiot and a tyrant who prefer threats. Jobs had parked his unregistered Mercedes in handicapped spaces. He dumped the mother of his unborn child and has acknowledged paternity in court. He threw the colleagues who were no longer useful to him. And useful brought to tears. And on top of all this demonstration of contempt for the charity, stock fraud and the horrors of Foxconn.

These and other deficiencies of Steve jobs, which, to put it mildly, there were many, documented in blogs that are written before and after his death, in the biographies and in the film “jobs: the Empire of temptation”. Some biographers believe its minor flaws: they say, they are inherent to every genius. Others try hard to keep them to a minimum so as not to tarnish the image of their hero. There are those who do, perhaps worst of all — they assure us that negative personal quality jobs not only not make it less important, but also strengthen it on a pedestal. His intransigence, his relentless bullying, his tendency to put the needs of computers have over the human — all of this was necessary, according to the supporters of this version. Stupid that jobs and his black turtleneck sneakers New Balance made him who he was, and thus Apple gave the world such what it is. Jobs could afford to be a dick, because his success to justify its shortcomings.

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The documentary “Steve jobs: the man in the car” not trying to justify jobs. His flaws are not just mentioned, they are in the spotlight. Alex Gibney in his film offers the viewer the views of all parties: and associates jobs and his critics, including former bosses, ex-friends, ex-girlfriends and former employees. “He was a good guy,” says mit Professor sherry Turkle. “He only had one speed — full speed ahead!” says Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, who once worked jobs. “Steve ran the chaos: first he seduces you, then ignoring, then detractors,” complains former subordinate jobs engineer Bob Belleville. “He didn’t know what a real relationship, so we have created a very different form of communication,” says the mother of his daughter Chrisann Brennan.

Every conclusion in the movie, everyone reminds us of what sacrifice jobs forced to bring those who surrounded him. “What a dick need to be to be successful?” — asks the Director.

But the most incriminating statements in the film jobs. In the hands of Gibney gets a video where he gives testimony to the SEC (Commission on securities and stock exchanges) in 2008 in connection with the “scandal of options”. It jobs openly irritated, nervously fidgeting in his chair, coccidia and throws the evil eye. The question of why he decided to ask for a bonus in the form of options, jobs responds: “the Case was not really about the money. Just all want to be recognized by colleagues. I thought that nothing like this on the part of the Board of Directors I don’t get.” The viewer sees the head of one of the most influential companies in the world swollen with resentment. And it allows you to look at all the things jobs — betrayal, mockery, totally self-centered view of the world — from a human point of view. Maybe jobs was a great man, but he was also a young child: a self-absorbed and desperate to please.

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But does it all at least some value? Wasn’t Einstein a child inside? And if queried and challenged the actions of Edison is a great inventor would start to pout? The answers to these questions we will never know because their life was not social networks or blogs. They lived in blessed times that allowed them to be remembered the world what they did, not who they actually were. Steve jobs was not so lucky. He lived in our time — when our heroes consists not only of their achievements, but also because of their personality. We live in an age of sophisticated idolatry. And the irony is that this century has come largely thanks to Steve jobs.

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