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Director and seller Euroset has bought two iPhone 6 at the expense of the customer

Interesting way to purchase the “Apple” technique choose employees “Euroset”. The Director and the retailer who ordered the iPhone at the expense of the client, claim that was just trying to get a girl’s attention.

Employees “Euroset” on the Shaft Izmailovo in Moscow bought two iPhone 6 by paying with a credit card, which in their interior have forgotten the client. As told the TV channel “360 suburbs”, a credit card was found by the seller. The young man decided to wait for the Director, who behaved very unexpectedly.

The man made a purchase for 56 rubles to a woman works, and she returned a Bank card. When the customer did not come in “Euronetwork” has decided that it is necessary to make a purchase for a large sum. The object of investments the head of the cabin chose the creation of Apple – the iPhone 6 is priced at 49 900 rubles.

When the woman again appeared, decided to act by the seller. Taking the card, he went to the competition, where he purchased another iPhone 6, but for 51 000. On the way to their storefronts 33-year-old man threw away the card, because did not hope to see her owner. However, the woman, remotely tracing all purchases, failed to meet expectations of friends.

Arrived at the scene, police men stated that the victim lost his credit card in another place. However, law enforcement officers uncovered the crime, both men were arrested. Upon a crime criminal case under article “Theft”.

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