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Динамик iPhone портится через год. Это медицинский факт

Powerful speaker turns into a pathetic Squeaker.

Each year after the release of the iPhone on top of IT publications write about instant marriage: green stripes on the screen, a bendable body, problems with signal reception, and so on. But these cases (especially if they are massive) are not so sad and dangerous as a long-term marriage is one that manifests itself months later.

It is about such a case I will discuss below.

Despite the fact that the fashion for music with an external speaker died in the late naughts, I love phones radio. Usually I’m too lazy to connect your smartphone to the wireless column, so I periodically crank the music to the fullest and do the housework.

Besides, I don’t like to shower in silence, so I often carry my phone in the bathroom.

Another usage scenario is those moments when you need to show friends a funny video, but headphones or not, or not enough at all.

In short, the explosive speaker personally useful to me – I love it when “my music is always with me”, as sung Noize MC.

Now to the point.

In 2014, I changed iPhone 4s to iPhone 6. For the sake of the experiment, compared them with external speakers – everything was in order. The Quartet played with dignity, “six” – quite loudly.

In 2015 when you transfer iPhone 6 to iPhone 6 Plus I noticed that the “plus” plays the music much bigger and louder than the old model.

But it’s only been 10-11 months, and I felt that the maximum volume level dropped significantly – the phone should play so quietly that it was interrupted, even the noise of the shower.

Next – the iPhone 7 Plus with a stereo speaker. And again: first, all the beauty, a year – noticeably quieter, especially compared to the newly released iPhone X.

Not to be unfounded, I have tested and made sure in its own right: the new iPhone 7 Plus bombs much, much louder pouzanov.

In parallel, I interviewed several friends with for old iPhones – the ones that came out in 2014 or later.

Someone said that you didn’t pay attention to the volume, but there were those who immediately admitted that Yes, everything is so quiet that in a public place should be put to maximum and to make the iPhone speaker to your ear, that though something to hear.

The conclusion is sad: the iPhone 6/6s/7 is not designed for operation in the role of the music center.

What to do? Here are five options:

1. To buy a Bluetooth box for 2 thousand roubles and no steam. Conditional JBL Go (from 1500 rubles) will solve the issue.

2. As little as possible to use maximum volume – it makes more sense to put one that is just enough for comfortable listening. Then, most likely, the speaker will not sit down so fast.

3. Once a year (or slightly more) to change the dynamics in the service centers. It is not very expensive (3-4 thousand for the iPhone 7) and it is quite safe.

4. Whining corporate service center that the speaker has to work less. There’s a chance it will be fixed under warranty, although experienced colleagues acknowledged that the first time STS can send with the motivation “it’s okay, not critical”.

It’s easier just to carry a third-party masters, so as not to waste time.

5. To accept. Works – and well.

Most importantly: if you decide to buy a used/have the iPhone is one of the last generations, carefully check the speaker and do not believe anyone on the word.

PS to the Guys who now write that the dynamics of wear per year is the norm, misleading: in the second half of zero I went with Fly for 6 thousand rubles, and there is scorching volume lasted more than two years (it would be even longer, but I broke the phone itself).

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