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Digitimes: until the end of 2015, Apple will not sell more than 3 million iPad Pro

Last week Apple together with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus has introduced a new iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch display. Despite the impressive specifications and a statement that the level of productivity in the new product is superior to the majority of the notebook market, analysts Dailycomm sure that the volume of deliveries of the iPad Pro will be small.

Among the constraining factors experts have called the most expensive iPad Pro and a shortage of panels for them. It is also noted that the ratio of the price/performance of the gadget weaker than the MacBook Air or hybrid Surface Pro 4, the announcement of which is expected in October.

According to analysts, buy a 32-Gigabyte version of the iPad Pro, complete with branded keyboard and stylus Apple Pencil will cost $1067. This MacBook Air with 128 GB thumb drive can be purchased for $899.

As Surface Pro 4, then at his official presentation have not been, analysts argue that bundled with keyboard hybrid will cost about the same as the iPad Pro, but in terms of performance and convenience for corporate users product Apple inferior competitor.

The publication also said that due to the shortage of IGZO panels, which are used in the iPad Pro, tablet shipments will begin only in November. Thus, until the end of 2015, Apple will be able to ship within 2.5-3 million of these devices.

We will remind, the new iPad Pro has got the largest display in the history of iOS-devices with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 and locked the refresh rate depending on the type of content displayed. In the model is the third generation of 64-bit chips, Apple. According to the company, the new Apple A9X 1.8 times faster A8. Graphics console level has improved compared to the 1st iPad in 360 times.

In General, the new iPad Pro is 80% more productive than most laptop computers. In addition, the device is equipped with a powerful acoustic system, consisting of four emitters. Thanks to her tablet three times louder than the iPad Air 2. The start of sales of the iPad Pro is scheduled for November.

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