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Did not look, but condemn: Apple’s head of design criticized the new film about Steve Jobs

The chief designer of Apple Jonathan Ive has criticized a new movie about Steve Jobs. He admitted that the biopic was not looking, but believes that the legacy of the founder of the “Apple” of the Empire was violated by this film.

Ive said this at a press conference on Wednesday that “don’t knows” Steve jobs, which was shown in the new biographical film directed by Danny Boyle. According to him, the legacy of his friend and colleague was “kidnapped”. While a top Manager of Apple confessed that he had not seen the new biopic, but have discussed it with friends who also knew jobs during his life, writes Rbc.

Those who saw the film said that it shows jobs ‘ brutal and belligerent fanatic, said Ive. According to him, such a “laughable” portrait ignores the “context” is known of the behavior of jobs, which was a necessary part of the creative process.

A few days ago, the widow of Steve jobs and his close friends stated that the new film about the founder of Apple downplays the achievements of the entrepreneur and depicts its brutal and inhuman. Widow Lauren Powell repeatedly tried to stop the shooting of the film. The film-makers invited her to participate in the work on the painting, but she turned down the offer.

The film “Steve jobs” was shown in September at the festival in Telluride, where he collected many positive reviews. In the work took part the Director of “the Millionaire of slums” Danny Boyle and screenwriter of “the Social network” by Aaron Sorkin.

Apple co-founder and close friend of Steve jobs, Steve Wozniak received a $200,000 that he advised the creators of the film. According to Wozniak, he realizes that not all of the events from the life of Steve jobs were transferred accurately, but believed that the filmmakers “did a great job”.

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