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Dictionary Merriam-Webster compared users of Apple products with the “submissive sheep”

Linguistic dictionaries every year with new words that were born in a natural environment, in live oral communication. Language lives its own life, and the compilers of the dictionaries have to commit changes and add values and language.

The output of a specialized term under the radar of linguists talking about mass distribution of a new word, and that means a new phenomenon. Fancy words is an indicator of what the society lives.

The drafters of the famous dictionary, Merriam-Webster said about the appearance of this new edition the word “sheeple” which they associated with the users of Apple technology. This was reported in the official Twitter-account of the company.

In the description to the word “sheeple” is that it characterizes obedient and easily influenced people — that is like sheep. And further to better understand an example in context.

“Apple has released cover-battery to actively consume energy iPhone — clumsy and awkward, which is “obedient sheep” [sheeple] will gladly lay out $ 99″, — is spoken in the word Merriam-Webster.

It is noteworthy that the word is in use since 1945. However, the description offered by the makers of one of the largest dictionaries of the English language, it has acquired a special meaning, which is now being actively discussed in the network.

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