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Diagram from Apple’s 16-Gigabyte iPhone works

Despite the expectations and aspirations of fans, Apple released iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with 16 GB of internal memory. It would seem that this move is short-sighted, especially considering the missing possibility to increase the free space.

In 2015 such a small amount of flash storage in the flagship device looks a bit strange. For everyday use it is unlikely to be enough to the average user. Despite these arguments, we have already told you why Apple continues to release a version for 16 GB.

The reason is simple as ever: the manufacturer gets much more profit due to the sales of devices with the gradation memory at 16, 64 and 128 GB. The difference between each version is $100. Since few people today are satisfied with “the minimum necessary”, most people prefer to buy an older version.

In order in practice to confirm the already obvious information, analytical Agency RBC Capital Market conducted its own study. Our survey of over 6000 respondents, found out that the majority of consumers buy the iPhone 6s with the drive at 64 GB (those 51% vs. 48% previously). A similar trend was observed in relation to last year’s “six”.

More accurate data state that user’s preferences gradually shifted toward higher memory configurations. However, only 16% choose the maximum version of 128 GB. But, for example, last year the figure was only 12%.

But wanting to buy a 16-Gigabyte model significantly diminished the number decreased from 40% to 33%. Very revealing. Just remember how many expensive functions have been implemented in the latest generation iPhone. Here and “live” photos, and shooting 4K video, and the camera resolution is upped from 8 to 12.

As for potential buyers of the iPhone 6s Plus, that number was as much as 40%. Probably most of them are former owners of Android-based phablets. Largely because of this report, the position of Apple on the stock exchange strengthened somewhat. It is expected that the value of securities will increase till the end of the financial year.

In addition, RBC Capital Market predicts a staggering sales of the iPhone 6s New year and Christmas. It is expected that the peak will fall on the holidays.

Sales of the iPhone with the letter “S” will launch in Russia on October 9. The minimum price for the version with 16 GB of internal memory 56 start from 999 rubles. iPhone 6s Plus storage to 128GB will cost 999 rubles 83.

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