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Development of the company Vayyar will give the iPhone the ability to see through walls

Radio waves already allow us to do many useful things. However, Israeli scientists are going to apply their abilities in a whole new way, namely: to give the opportunity to look through walls and see every square inch on the other side.

Talking about the complex consisting of the image sensor, processor, data processing and other components that will allow you to “see” objects and humans behind thick walls through radio signals. The project is a startup Vayyar. Patented technology allows to determine not only the presence of objects, but also their location and geometrical parameters.

Development Vayyar uses radio waves to look inside, where optical sensors are not able to look. In addition, it has the potential to classify the type of each object, such as human, metal or wood.

The chip is characterized with compact sizes, which will allow to integrate all necessary components in smartphones and tablets. Usage scenarios a lot. Instead of listing it is better to just look at the official video.

Before Vayyar Imaging announced raising $22 million investment. The round was led by venture Fund Walden Riverwood Ventures with participation of Bessemer Venture Partners, Israel Cleantech Ventures, Battery Ventures and Amiti Ventures. The total amount of borrowed start-up funds reached $34 million When the creators intend to commercialize their development, is still unknown.

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